Bugs in the Furniture: The Signs of Woodworm

Woodworm is the common name given to wood-boring insects that can be found in properties, attacking our timber and furniture. The key to treating a woodworm affliction in your property is to catch it early before extensive damage is caused to structures, as this can cause weakness and lead to potential collapse.

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At What Point Will Timber Begin to Decay?

When it comes to timber, the number one enemy is damp as moisture will penetrate and accelerate the decaying process without you even realising it is happening. It doesn’t take much, with moisture contents as low as 20% proving to be enough to cause an issue.

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Is Your Office in Need of Damp Proofing?

With the amount of attention paid to keeping our homes free from damp issues, it can be easy to forget about the place where you actually spend most of your day – the office. The average worker will spend 40 hours a week in the office, which makes ensuring your workspace is clear of any issues a priority.

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What is a DPC and How Does it Work?

If your home has suffered from rising damp in the past, the chances are that you will have heard the term ‘Damp Proof Course’. Often shortened to ‘DPC’, this is the protective barrier installed in the wall that prevents moisture from rising through the structure of the building.

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Rid Your Home of Damp this Family Day

When all is said and done, family is an essential aspect of our lives, which is why Family Day, on Monday 24 September, should be treated as one of the most important days in the calendar. Home is where the heart is, but if home is also where damp resides, it’s time to call in a London damp proofing company.

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What is Timber Rot and Why is it in My Property?

When you are in a property affected by damp, you’ll soon notice that the air has a dank, musty smell that’s more noticeable the closer you get to the affected area. You may also notice degrading timbers and odd substances growing on the damp wood, but without experience, it may leave homeowners scratching their heads in question. What you are experiencing is a type of timber rot and depending on the situation could be classed as wet rot or dry rot.

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Condensation on the window

Combating Condensation – The Homeowners Guide

While not considered a damp problem to call the experts out, condensation can be a nightmare for any householder. In fact, if condensation is left untreated, it can rot window frames, causing structural defects that could even cause a potential penetrating damp problem. Not only that, condensation leads to the spread of certain types of mould, which can trigger asthma.

Before you call in a London damp proofing company, try to find the source of the condensation and see if there are protective methods you can try out at home.

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Is There Correlation Between Increased Damp Complaints and Cavity Wall Insulation?

With energy costs on the rise and showing no slow-down, homeowners are looking to make their homes more energy efficient. Looking for solutions that will help them save them money in the long-term while staying warm and comfortable. There are a number of suggested ways that you can do this, from reducing your thermostat setting by even a single degree to sealing drafts around doors and windows.

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The Ins and Outs of Damp Proofing

Damp. It can be the worst nightmare of our properties. Creating unsightly damage to our interiors by causing paint to flake, plaster to crumble and wallpaper to curl and leaving dark watermarks across walls and ceilings. While damp can be caused by several easily repairable issues such as leaking gutters, faulty pipes and poor seals on windows and doors.

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Mythbusting: The Damp Edition

Our team of damp specialists work all over London and are fully trained to spot all kinds of established and would-be damp issues. Damp is actually one of the most common problems facing homes and businesses across the UK. This is especially the case in hotspots like London, thanks to the capital’s vast array of older and damp-prone buildings. Combined with the unusually soggy weather we see – regardless of the season or the forecast – it makes sense that damp is so commonplace.

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